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Are parenting courses a waste of time and money?

Are parenting courses a waste of time and money?

Waste of time and money

Expecting a baby can be really fun for some, and intimidating for others. If you’re wondering whether you should upskill yourself for getting through parenthood, chances are, you should – especially if you are a first-time parent. The purpose of going for these courses is just so you could feel more connected, involved and focused on your child.  

As far as we’re concerned, parenting courses educate parents on how to take care of their babies, toddlers, and teens. The takeaway from these courses are parents who feel more confident about and more supported in their parenting decisions. Moreover, there are many different types of parenting courses to suit your needs, so whatever your situation, there is likely a parenting course to fit yours. Here’s what we put together for you as you journey through parenthood:

Expecting parents

Most parents would admit that there are plenty of curveballs in parenthood, particularly in the first year. There are plenty of things that they would have to figure out by themselves, especially since they are to bring a baby into this world. Many have concurred that by taking childbirth or newborn baby courses, this will ease their worries.

Childbirth courses discuss topics including labor and delivery, coping strategies during labor, as well as epidurals and pain medications, just to name a few. Expecting and new parents also often take CPR and safety courses to be equipped with the knowledge in case of an emergency.

New parent and infant courses

Do look out for new mom and new dad courses that offer support and guidance once the baby is born. Additionally, infant care courses teach parents the basics of raising a newborn, with topics that may include feeding and learning to soothe your baby. These courses are also good to make new friends with parents who have kids the same age as yours, in order to offer support.  

Breastfeeding courses are also available for new mums to learn the skills to nurse their newborn. There are also baby courses to support natural infant development through movement, music, massage, and tummy time, which are usually a mix between a parenting course and a baby course.

Mother breastfeeding baby

Courses for specific groups

As for parents whose children are gifted, delayed, or have developmental or medical issues, there are also courses that can aid them in these trying times. These courses provide strategies and resources as well as offer support for managing the issues facing their family.

Additionally, there are also support groups for parents who have adopted or fostered children. For divorced parents, there are also courses that teach co-parenting skills to them. Even if it is not required, co-parenting courses are still important for the divorced parents to learn more about their parental needs, and not let personal favours meddle with the issue.

Virtual courses

During the pandemic, it’s best to stay indoors and not head out as much as possible. Parenting courses are offered at many different places, such as hospitals, preschools, paediatrician's offices, and now even on the Internet.

There are also online parenting conferences. The best thing about online parenting courses or conferences is that parents can listen from the comforts of their home and on their own schedule. Again, these may be free, but there are those that may require a purchase to the recordings afterward to listen to whenever you can. And if you are not able to attend a course, joining a webinar or Facebook Live event would enable you to ask questions too.

Ask your gynaecologist if you would like recommendations for childbirth courses, infant care courses and new mom support. Since everything can be found online nowadays, you can try to join them online too. They range in price from no cost to hundreds of dollars, so be prepared for that. The most costly courses have to be the childbirth, labour and delivery and infant courses, particularly in urban areas.


Parents and child

There are definitely no rules set in stone for any parents, for the matter, whatever works for this child may not for the other. However, it is extremely important to be guided on what to expect and how to best manage them when the time comes. Parenting courses can be a wonderful way to acquire new skills and strategies, increase your confidence, learn more about your child's natural development, and improve your relationship with your child and partner. Although you may feel anxious about handling your newborn, in a few short weeks you'll develop a routine and be parenting like a pro!

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