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"GSSOFF12" Claim Now! 01 Jun - 31 Jul
"GSSOFF12" Claim Now! 01 Jun - 31 Jul

Cimilre Bottle Adapter Standard to Wide - Avent/Spectra/Cimilre

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Cimilre Bottle Adapter Standard to Wide is an adapter that can be used for Cimilre wide-neck bottles with standard neck breast shield, allowing you to pump directly into your wide-neck Cimilre bottle. This adapter allows you the flexibility of using your preferred breast shield to pump into Cimilre wide-neck milk bottles.

  • For use with Cimilre wide-neck bottles

  • Compatible with Philips Avent, Spectra and Chicco bottles

  • Allow flexibly to choose any standard neck flange

  • BPA free and latex-free

  • Do not use with glass bottles

  • Compatible with most standard neck flanges

This product includes 1pc x Cimilre Standard to Wide Neck Bottle Adapter.

Material: PP
Made in Korea


SKU C10320500Avent