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Cimilre S6 Plus Rechargeable Hospital-Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

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Hospital Grade Pump

Looking to increase your milk supply for your baby? A hospital grade pump is the way to go, we have got you covered! Our Cimilre S6 Plus from Korea uses cutting-edge technology with multiple massage and pumping modes to suit all mothers. We know that breastfeeding a new-born can be exhausting. Cimilre S6 Plus is compact and comfortable, which makes it one of the leading double electric breast pump for all mothers.

Anytime, Anywhere!

A hospital-grade double electric breast pump is perfect for the first-time mothers who want to initiate their breast milk supply. It is also tailor-made for working mothers or on-the-go mothers with the built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 4 hours. 

Freedom of Hands with Free-T Flange

Designed to use as a Single or Double breast pump, the Massage and Expression modes can also be customised to provide full control and maximum comfort. These modes simulate let-down by mimicking your baby’s natural nursing pattern and expressing milk from the breast with high efficiency.

*Please take note that, doesn't come with Cimilre Bra. You will need to purchase Free-T Flange for freedom of hands. 

Exceptionally Quiet, Exceptionally Powerful

Our best selling double electric breast pump is offering one of the most powerful suctions in the collection. This pumps comes equipped with 10 levels of adjustable pumping and also comfortable painless breast pumping experience. 

  • Portable - With a rechargeable battery life of about 4 hours. Perfect for today’s modern, busy mums.

  • ULTRA Quiet - Pump discreetly with a 38-decibel hum. So quiet it won’t wake the baby.

  • Closed System - Integrally structured backflow protector keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination.

  • Pump How You Want - Single or double pumping, and 5 cycle and 12 level expression options to choose from.

  • Ease of Use - Simple setup and easy customization options so you can quickly find what works best for you and your baby.

  • Backlit LED Screen - Easy-to-read screen that won’t strain eyes.

  • Night Light - Built-in LED night light with three different settings. Perfect for pumping while your baby is sleeping.

  • Auto Shut-Off - Turns off automatically after 30 minutes of use.

  • Memory Function - Start your pump session at a familiar and comfortable setting every time.

  • Lightweight - Built compact for easy mobility.

What's included:

  • One (1) x Cimilre S6 Plus Breast Pump
  • One (1) x Power Adapter (with SAFETY mark)
  • Two (2) x Trumpet Flange(s) (28mm)
  • Two (2) x Silicone Tubing(s) 
  • Two (2) x Backflow Protector(s)
  • Two (2) x Silicone Valve(s)
  • Two (2) x Bottle Cover(s)
  • Two (2) x Bottle Teat(s)
  • Two (2) x Bottle Collar(s)
  • Two (2) x PP Milk Bottle(s) (160ml)
  • One (1) x User Manual

*Comes with Singapore Plug

Pump: Double Pump
Rated Voltage & Frequency: DC 12V, 2A
Power Consumption: 0.8A
Noise Level: Below 45dB
Suction Strength:
  • Min. Above 50mmhg ±20
  • Max. 330mmHg ±20
Cycle Speeds:
  • Massage Mode: 5 Cycles
  • Expression Mode: 5 Cycles
Night Light: Yes
Battery: 2000mAh Li-Polymer
Battery Life: Up to 4 hours
Charging Time: Approx. 2 hours
Weight of Base Unit: 850g
Safe for Moms & Babies BPA-free, and GMP Conformity, ISO 13485 and FDA 510(k) certified.

*Comes with 2-years Singapore warranty and free rental pump during the warranty period
*Subject to Cimilre's warranty terms & conditions.

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